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About Chris Jingles

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Cat
  • General Color: White (Mostly)
  • Color: Tabby
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Ear Type: Erect
  • Tail Type: Long
  • Current Age: 2 Years 9 Months (born on 11/5/2019)
  • Fence Required: No
  • Declawed: No
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Exercise Needs: Low
  • Grooming Needs: Not Required
  • Reaction to New People: Cautious

Our Rockers Rescue pets are currently in foster homes that help us save lives. When you choose to adopt from a rescue, you help open space for us to save another life in need. Thank you for considering adoption!   We are located around Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Chris Jingles: I'm a SPECIAL NEEDS kitty. Read all details CAREFULLY before applying. My rescue will explain me, my condition, my personality, and my needs. Maybe you will be my forever family. 

  • Quick summary: Around 1 yr old.  I am a crippled kitty. I scoot to get around. I have one back rear leg that is turned a bit outward and the other was amputated.  I use the litterbox on my own but do have to be monitored for constipation and given laxatives as needed. Also have to be monitored for drag wounds. In a wheelchair I can walk more normal but I don't stay in it for long. I have a special attitude too and my future family will have to love me even if I'm a sweet and sour patch kid. Emphasis on the attitude, you have to be wanting a sweet jerk kitty, haha. My rescue loves me and will make sure my future home fully understands and knows me, to see if they are a right match for me. (P.s. I do not like other cats, I likely think Im a dog. No small kids.) 

History:        I was found not long after Christmas. Some business workers kept hearing me meow. Eventually, they found me. I was stuck in a fence and unable to use my back legs. I had a Christmas bracelet on me that said "Jingle all the way"  It was apparent I had been someones Christmas gift. That bracelet is how I got my name, Chris Jingles. A play on santa clause "Kris Kringle".  The rescue knew I had a spinal injury and they ended up taking me in to their care to help me.  My rear right leg began to atrophy. Foster mom called it a dead leg, it shrunk and curled up. I could feel nothing in it. I kept getting caught on things and not understanding why. The leg had to be removed for my safety. That left me with my rear left leg. The problem is it also received nerve damage and now it is turned outward. So no, I can't just be a walking 3 legged cat. Though foster mom will never give up hope for me.  I scoot to get around. I do lift up my body with my rear leg at times. In a wheel chair I also try making walking movements with the rear leg. I just don't walk around without being lifted up. I scoot fast though! Plus I climb... and I jump places.  Crippled kitties like me can be known for climbing, so if your furniture is more precious to you than I am, I'm not the kitty for you. 

I use the litterbox on my own. I DO have to be monitored to make sure that when Im constipated I get some laxatives. That's very important. Crippled kitties can often get backed up due to the pressure along the spine and all. It's important I stayed monitored for that. I also need to stay monitored for any drag wounds. 

Attitude: I do not like other cats, I probably think I'm a dog. I like to run out and wack the dogs in my foster home for fun sometimes. Sometimes I just protect my space too and hit them back if I think they're too close. Little dogs don't take that well, so a home without smaller dogs is best. Large dogs that do handle it well would have to be very trusted not to hurt me due to this. They need to be passive and leave me alone. I will take a bit to warm up to new dogs/ people.  Small children will also not be a good idea.  I'm like a low lurking panther here. I love to scoot around and sneak up on things!  If someone pets me when I don't want pet or if I feel overwhelmed I will bite or wack them. That goes for animals too, if I feel threatened with one in my space I will react. Foster mom says I'm a sweet and sour patch kid. She loves me for it though. We understand each other and she knows how to handle me. For a bit there I stalked the kid for fun, but I learned to quit. One time foster mom was walking down the hall so I ran in my tunnel system and popped out the middle to sneak attack her foot.  She got a kick out of that one!   

All in all, people need to understand me and be okay with my attitude. To me, I'm playing the only way I know how, or Im afraid so I react to that. Since Im crippled, I feel like my reaction in scenarios isn't good since I can't run away fast, so I make up for it with my teeth/ claws.  I try to sneak out the door sometimes, it leads to a fenced yard though. They have to keep a close eye on me to make sure I don't get out.  Foster mom tries bringing me outside some on my kitty harness or in my wheelchair or even an enclosed stroller. She thinks it helps me get some of my energy out. I love sniffing the grass. While I do like going outside, busier areas are NOT for me, I get spooked easy. Foster mom keeps a close watch on our surroundings and makes sure Im safe and comfy when Im out. I also have to be CLOSELY watched when in my wheechair, I can flip sideways in it and possibly squirm out of my harness. Overall Im a more jumpy type cat.   P.S. I love windows and cat towers. 

 REQUIREMENTS: Ability to handle special needs. Have a watchful eye. Vet history for previous pets, constant monitoring of health. Ability to afford medical care. No other cats, dog selective. No young kids, even some older kids may not be a good match if they don't understand and respect him. Okay with being bit/wacked by the cat when it's scared. Understanding of sweet and sour patch attitude. Best if main door goes to fenced yard or has gate so he can't run out (scoot out). Monitoring to make sure he doesn't sneak out. Okay with cat climbing the furniture with claws (Its a crippled kitty thing) Calmer home preferred. In home meet is necessary so you need to live relatively local. 

Some Notes:       *This kitty   is to be an indoors kitty. <<< If you are after an indoors/outdoors or outdoors only kitty then this is not the right kitty for you. We can help find one to meet those needs though! Just ask. This particular one...not it. Indoors only. <3 

*We also do not approve of declawing. Read this well, as this kitty does use his claws, NO declawing. We request that you research that. We have seen many cases where cats become irritable or stop using the litter box etc. and people try to surrender them to us. 

* We are ran by volunteers and will try to review your application as quickly as possible. By choosing to adopt you help us open space up to save another life! 


  • Up to date on shots. Received all sets of kitten vaccines and now gets regular yearly vaccines/dewormed. Tested for FIV FeLV and negative. Neutered.    I am on kitty Revolution to prevent against mites, fleas, ticks. It lasts 1 month from the date given. Microchipped with free lifetime registry. 

About Applying to Adopt:     This Kitty has a $40 adoption donation fee (microchip fee is included) This fee generally NEVER covers how much we actually spend on the animal. We are a 501c3 non profit so the fee goes back into our volunteer rescue to help us save more lives. We function solely on donations. Go to  to apply for adoption. Try to include as much about yourself as possible.  Some people like to email extra info/pictures to us, our email is if you wish to do so. 

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Good with Some Dogs (No small dogs), Not Good with Cats, Good with Older/Considerate Kids Only, Good with Adults, Somewhat vocal, Does not require a yard, Likes to play with toys, Protective, Needs special care, Playful, Independent, Affectionate, Not good with small dogs

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