Rockers Rescue is located around Shreveport, Louisiana. We use foster homes for our pets. You start with doing an online adoption app for pre-approval. You still get to meet the animal and see if you are meant to be, before you adopt. 

WHY must I do an app first?  We do this to help keep our volunteers safe and respect their time, as well as a courtesy to the potential adopter. We love helping match people with a pet that would thrive in their new home. The good news is, if you adopt a Rockers pet,  this information is automatically saved into a chart linked to your new pet. 


Are you ready to meet your potential new family member?! That's what happens after your app is approved!  Meets are dependent upon the individual pet and their needs. We will often meet inside PetSmart Shreveport in a private room.  Special cases will go to the adopters home to see how they do. 





At our meet, you get to see the pet(s) you are interested in and see if you are a great match. If both parties feel like its a good match, you are able to adopt and take your pet home!  For adoption, you will fill out our adoption contract and make any adoption donations that were set. Those can be made by card, cash, or paypal. We will also have the pets vet records all in a folder for you. If we are at PetSmart you may also do a form to get an adoption coupon book! 

For cats: we do require the new owner to have a pet carrier to get their feline friend home and for future needs. For dogs, ID tags are great! We can place their microchip tag on them until you get one.



 Thank you for adopting and helping us change a life! Plus you helped make room for another life to be saved. The rescue will get your new pets microchip information transferred to you.  Our precious and loved animal is now in your care. Remember there is a transition period for any new pet. They must get use to their new family, home, and routine. Love them and help them through this time. They need you just as much as they needed us to be kind and understanding. Never forget though, if for any reason you can no longer keep your pet, or it isn't working out, it is in our contract that we do take them back. They are forever a part of our family. 



 We love getting updates from our alumni! Trust me, we likely talk about them all the time! Feel free to share pictures in our facebook group, email us, or facebook us. We thoroughly enjoy seeing our Rockers babies happy and loved. Often these updates come just when we need them. They can be very uplifting for us. As we all know, rescue life is full of emotions. You get to be one of the happy ones we treasure. 

 Follow us on Facebook too! You can even swing your pet by one of our pet friendly events if able. We often have fundraisers and would love the support to help us continue our efforts. We hope you will be a lifelong friend. Thank you for joining the Rockers family. 

Link to our current adoptable pets: /animals

Link to our adoption application: /info/adoption