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Harley's Meet Day on KSLA -- Saturday January 2nd, 2016

We had finally caught Harley! A girl wandering in Bossier City for months that had a slew of people trying to catch her. This news session covered our get together at Harley Davidson in Bossier.  This article would lead her to find her new daddy.... Mr. Jim. Mr. Jim saw this video on the news. He got in touch with me and said "that's going to be my dog." I laughed and told him I wasn't sure yet! I didn't know who he was.  Well, Mr. Jim was RIGHT. Harley would be his.  Mr. Jim's wife and last dog had both passed away. Him and Harley are the best of friends. Mr. Jim stays in touch with us, we are family now. He still brings Harley to events.  They even did a news article just about him adopting her, we will try to add that as well.